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Healthy and Best Summer Food Tips for Kids

  • Indian summers are way too harsh, especially for children who travel in buses and spend most of their time outdoors. The extreme summer heat can make them really exhausted by the time they return home at noon time, which is the most hot time of any summer day.  In order for children to stay fit and healthy in this scorching heat, every parent should know and choose the healthy foods for kids to nourish the child and build the required immunity.


    A combination of proper safety measures and healthy foods for kids are to be adopted and followed to protect your kids from the ill effects of extreme summer heat. Knowing the list of all healthy foods for kids might not take much time but how well you include them in your child’s diet is what counts!


    Following are some tips you might want to follow to ensure health and safety of your child in the forthcoming summers.  


    Dietary Tips to be followed -


    1. The most basic but important thing of all is to “keep your kid well hydrated”. Provide them with a chilled water bottle so that they do not get thirsty. Educate your child that he/she needs to drink water at regular intervals. You may also pack fruit juice, lemon or glucose water in sipper bottles and ask them to have it during class intervals. This way your child can avoid heat fatigue and you can be sure that he/she remains hydrated throughout the day.


    2. Choose to offer healthy and cool breakfasts like cereals, oatmeal or fruits over oily options like poori, wada etc. If your child prefers to skip breakfast, pack it and ask him/her to have it after reaching the school or any free time in between classes.


    3. For lunch, pack simple meals like dal rice and curd. It is better to provide fresh and light food to children during summers. In addition, include salads like cucumbers separately. 


    4. Every fruit comes under healthy foods for kids category. Including a fruit in your kid’s lunch pack is a good idea but avoid giving cut fruits as bacteria on cut fruits multiplies at a much faster rate during summers and can lead to problems in digestion. 


    Foods to avoid during summers -


    1. Foods containing high amounts of sodium and saturated fats, for eg. pizzas etc are not healthy foods for kids and should be avoided as it can dehydrate the children.


    2. Unlike told in advertisements, sports drinks do not actually help but harm your kids. The high sugar content in them is linked to weight gain and obesity.


    3. Keep your kids away from ice lollies. Just like sports drinks , these add empty calories and also contain harmful dyes and artificial flavours. Allow them to have not more than one scoop of ice cream.


    4. Another thing to get rid off is potato chips. These are loaded with sodium and are also high in fat. Also avoid giving them too many cookies.


    In addition to mere knowledge about the list of healthy foods for kids, Nutritionists advise parents to include 4-5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, 3 servings of low fat dairy products and make sure that the child has a minimum of 1 hr physical activity so as to meet the nutritional requirement and maintain overall health in children in every season,




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