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  • November 4, 2021
    Every bride dreams of looking beautiful on her wedding day. Women start planning their ideal lehenga choli months advance! If you're attending an event and planning your own wedding, as wedding season is just near, it's time to begin looking for the perfect lehenga design. We often go through months and days searching for the perfect lehenga shirt with the perfect color and design, patchwork, embroidery and design the perfect fit, we don't always take into consideration if we're selecting the one that is most appropriate for our body.

    Let's try and figure out which type of body you're a part of so that you can get a brand new lehenga choli to make you appear like the queen of the ball during the wedding season!

    Most Famous Lehenga Designer Manish Malhotra

    There are five major body types

    1. Apple Shaped:

    Also called a circle or round shape, apple-bodied people typically have a more rounded waist and a curvy physique.

    2. Rectangle Shaped:

    With all measurements being equally weighted, females with a rectangular body typically have a more straight torso than others.

    3. Hourglass Shaped:

    Women with hourglass-shaped bodies have a well-defined waist and a well-balanced shoulder to hip ratio.

    4. Pear-Shaped:

    Sometimes referred to as"the triangular shape," pear-shaped body types feature broad hips, which are generally larger than their shoulders.

    5. Inverted Triangle:

    Women who have an inverted triangle-shaped body possess shoulders which are larger than hips.

    Based on the category you belong to Based on your category, you can select from the most recent lehenga collections which one will suit you the best!

    Finding The Best Lehenga Choli To Fit Your Body Type

    After you've identified the body type you have, it's time to decide. There are two methods to find the ideal wedding lehenga to match your body type. One is to look exclusively for your kind, and the other method is to look through the latest designs that are suitable for many different body types. Then, select one that is most suitable for your body type.

    Choosing A Lehenga According To Your Body Type

    Apple Bodied and Inverted Triangle:

    If you are an apple-shaped person or an inverted triangle It is recommended to select a lehenga skirt which is flowing and layers. Bridal lehengas are made of lighter and soft fabric with pastel colors can emphasize your waistline and make you appear stunning on your wedding day.

    The top part of the blouse, pick necklines that are longer and do not overshadow the upper part of your body. Lehenga chunni: select a light fabric similar to the skirt and put it on as an edging or on your elbows, not hanging on your neckline, as it could cause your body to appear more hefty than normal. The ideal option for this is a the flared or ruffled lehenga paired with an overcoat or peplum blouse.

    Rectangle Shaped:

    For women who have an H-shaped body or a rectangular-shaped body the lehenga has to draw out the curves of your muscular body. Therefore, you should choose the long choli that includes a skirt that has patterns or embroidery that stand out and is constructed of an incredibly stiff material like raw silk.

    It's also flared. The blouse you choose should have the deep necked style which has a plunging neckline creating an illusion of curves and curves the upper part of your body. Select a dupatta which is smooth and flowing (preferably transparent material) that will complement the outfit. The most appropriate choice of lehengas to match this is A-line lehengas , or high-waisted skirts paired with cropped tops.


    Pear-shaped bodies have an oversized lower body and typically a small upper part. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for a basic lehenga choli that has the skirt that is made of simple fabrics that are fluid in its the natural. The blouse is the focal point of the outfit so choose heavily embellished or vibrantly colored blouses that show off the gorgeousness of your armpits and clavicles.

    Wear a cape-like sari which emphasizes your upper part and doesn't feel too large or bulky because this can make your hips appear larger than they actually are. The ideal option for this type of body is to choose flared lehengas that have the top of your body heavily.

    Hourglass Shaped:

    Hourglass-shaped bodies are the easiest to go for because nearly all dresses look nice on women with these bodies! If you have an X-shaped, curvy or angular body, the best option is A-line lehengas that have flowing skirts that are made of fabrics like Velvet or Chiffon which isn't rigid but rather enhances your curvaceous shape.

    If you're looking for a blouse, select one that's short that shows off your waist and highlights your curves on the upper side. Any kind of dupatta will work for you. Just make sure you don't over-cover your waist. If you are looking for the ideal selection that you can make, the selection is endless! You can try out different styles and styles like the fishtail or a lehenga saree will be a great fit for you.
  • May 25, 2022

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