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    Apr 2

  • ziga pu Why should I connect my device to a android VPN? VPN services are already becoming a necessity, because they not only protect privacy and encrypt data, but also allow you to access any content from different parts of the world, bypassing any blockages. Sounds great, doesn't it? To understand the value of a VPN, let's think about some specific scenarios in which it can be used. Consider a public Wi-Fi network, for example, in a cafe or airport. You usually connect without thinking. But do you know who can monitor traffic on this network? Can you be sure that the Wi-Fi network is legitimate, or can it be controlled by a thief who attempts to steal your data? Think about your Bank details, credit card numbers, passwords, and just the personal information you share every time you go online. If you work remotely and need access to confidential data on your company's private servers, it is not safe to log in from an unsecured public network, such as Wi-FI in a cafe. This may compromise your data and the company's business. Another example that shows the value of a VPN is using these services to access blocked websites. Some sites are blocked by government authorities. Using a VPN, you can direct web traffic to another country and get the necessary access to sites, while keeping your IP address and identity undisclosed.
    Apr 1

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    December 3, 2019

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